The Movie Revolution | Evaluation

Several critics and writers in particular,  sparked something deep inside me, cementing my love for cinema and film literature, these are the main influences for ‘The Movie Revoultion’.


Mark Kermode.
  1. Kermode Uncut Blog – Mark Kermode is probably my favourite film critic, he always gets personal, always making the reviews seem individualistic and special. Although most of his reviews are either done on television or radio I have been inspired by his constant, unflinching desire to find meanings in films. Like Kermode, I share the need to never spoil a film in a review, instead to tease and entice the reader into watching the film with minimal information. Kermode constantly asks for public engagement in his blogs, citing it as a critical process in his writing. This only goes to make Kermode more passionate in his reviews and he never holds anything back. His dedication and intensity for his craft only made me strive to put across to the reader how passionate I feel after watching a good/bad film.This can be seen in my American Beauty review  I also believe Kermode’s use of movie posters and artwork was my main inspiration for the artwork seen on my blog. Kermode sometimes had several posters drastically altered (like on my blog) to market films more realistically, or to just experiment with movie artwork and give readers a alternate view on a film.
  2. Roger Ebert Blog  – Now sadly passed, Roger Ebert is one of the most famous film critics of all-time. In his blogs he attempts to judge movies on their messages, gender politics and overall quality. Ebert always believed in presenting several opinions on the films he reviewed, and he was my main source of inspiration for including other critical opinions in my blogs.
  3. The Guardian Film Blog  – The Guardian Film Blog reviews  art house projects, independent films as well as mainstream blockbusters. However hard to believe, this is a rarity in online newspaper journalism. It was The Guardian’s blog that first introduced me to American Beauty. Moreover, The Guardian Film Blog can go very deep in dissecting the moral codes of a film, presenting both sides of a argument, making my reviews double-sided.
  4. Oh That Film Blog  – Oh That Film Blog is one of the most homely film blogs on the internet. The blog inspired me to include possible food to eat during the film (something she sometimes includes in her reviews). Furthermore, the reviews also encouraged me to not try and be as professional in the mode of address, instead to talk to the reader like a close friend.
Roger Ebert.

As I briefly touched on above, I really wanted to show the readers unique artwork for every film. Often it is the first image/piece of artwork that would grab someone’s attention to watch a movie, so I wanted it to fresh and intriguing. So taking Kermode’s blog as my lead inspiration I completely altered several posters to accompany the reviews and offer the reader more than just the generic film poster. My favourite is my design of the original Apocalypse Now poster. I believe it now looks like a oil painting making the explosions shoot off the paper infusing the smoke into the red sky.


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